Rules and offenses


Strike 1
Strike 2
Strike 3
1 Offensive Language (racism, family, religion or continuous insults)
1 day mute
3 day mute
7 day mute
2 Inappropriate King or War Commander Notices
1 day mute
King Removal / 3 day mute
7 day mute
3 Staff Impersonation
Permanent Ban
4 Communicating with a GM using rude language, spamming messages or spreading false claims, conducting toxic behaviour to harm server reputation and KO-MyKO brand.
GM Discretion
Most mild sanction is at least 1 day of mute, repeated offenses can lead up to permanent ban or mute
5 Advertising (i.e. shouting in general chat) Third Party Websites, Tools or Private Servers
7 days mute
Permanent Ban
6 Selling/Buying of Knight Cash, Accounts, and all out-of-game real currency related transfers in-game
1 day mute
Permanent Ban (in all accounts belonging to the seller)
7 Nation Points Transfer (NPT) or Bug Abuse to gain Nation Points (NP)
Reduced to 100 NP
Reduced to 100 NP
Permanent Ban
8 Payment Fraud
Permanent Ban
9 Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage
GM Discretion
Up to GM's decision and can lead to temporary or permanent ban on repeated offense
10 Editing game files (TBL, Objects, Zones)
Up to GM's decision (may lead to permanent ban or 20% NP reduction)
Up to GM's decision (may lead to permanent ban or 40% NP reduction)
11 Using 3rd Party Tools (aka illegal bot tools)
Permanent Ban
12 Using illegal macro tools created specifically for KO
(Macros that react on screen color readings)
5000 NP reduction
Permanent Ban
13 Possession of a Bugged item, Hacked item or Stolen item.
Temporary ban until all suspicious items and coins are deleted
14 Requesting another Player's User ID or PW
Permanent Ban
15 Shared or purchased accounts
Will receive no Customer Support
and can lead to Permanent Ban
16 Luring Monsters
Luring monster in moradon and outside of bowl is punishable with jail!
Luring in other zones is part of game - not punishable